I started this blog because I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m turning into a vampire.  Sounds ridiculous right?  Try being on the other end, and wondering if you’re either going mad, or some particularly intense hypochondriac.  By the way, it’s not fun.  Everything that’s happened so far pretty much, well, sucks.

I figure I can’t be the only one having these problems, that would be too weird.

Anyway, here’s the lowdown about me, and how all this weirdness started.

My name is Elizabeth Shwartz.  I’ll answer to Liz.  You’d best watch all your soft and sensitive parts if you call me Beth.  I just hate that name.  Well, I’m not wild about my name altogether, but that’s part of being upfront, right?  I coulda picked something cool, but then you wouldn’t believe me about the rest of what’s going on.

I am (or was) a short Jewish girl living in the ‘burbs around NYC, struggling to have a career in entertainment.  No, I’m not an actress – not with this dumpy bod and mush-face :).  I’m a film and theater electrician, and pretty darn good at it – not that it makes much difference.  Did a lot of outdoor summer theater and arena shows – fresh air, exersize, sunshine (rain and mud, too).  Fun people…

I actually thought the problem came from some of the locations I end up in when doing independent film – you end up in a lot of dank basements, atticks, unused and forgotten spaces.  They’re full of spiders, junk, grime, and God knows what else, so I thought I’d caught something nasty.

The something nasty was messing up my face.  Now, I’m no supermodel or anything, but I’d always had a really clear complexion.  That makes up for a lot, when you’ve got limited assets to work with.  Whatever it was, was ruining my face like nobody’s business.

It started out as just some redness.  Eh, I can live with that.  Then came what I thought were zits.  Looked kinda like zits, but they never went away!  And kept multiplying.  At first, it was just one red bump on my right cheek.  By the time I went to the doctor, I had these big scaly, bumpy (like an inch off my face) breakouts, and my nose was so puffy and red I looked like a career drinker.  Which I’m not – but try explaining that to a new crew when they take one look at you and then mention that drinking on the job isn’t allowed.

That’s what finally sent me to the doctor.  I’m not particularly vain, but the whole losing work thing is just not cool.

I spent the whole afternoon at the dermatologists, waiting for them to figure out what was wrong with me.  The nurse practitioner came back in after the last battery of tests, to inform me that I’m allergic to sunlight.

What the hell?  Never had a problem before, and what are you supposed to do about that?

They gave me some creams, told me to stay out of the sun.  And that was how it all started.