Thank God!

The swelling on my face is going down a little – I thought I’d be stuck looking like Quasimodo on a bender forever. Oy. So thank you, wonderful dermatologist lady.

It kinda sucks because I took the week off from work because I’d be out in this field all day, and I want the chance for my face to calm down. I really need the money, but I was/am worried that ANY exposed skin is going to start to look like that.

I had quit smoking about a month ago, but this whole thing has me so bugged…so much for that. On the plus side, one ciggy makes me dizzy. Right now, dizzy is just great.

And the people at the grocery store think I’m nuts. (Not that they probably didn’t beforehand…) So, I’m just there for toothpaste and razors – and there’s this display of a new sunscreen, spf 85! I was about ready to plotz from the diagnosis, so this looks like just the thing. (Yeah, I’ve heard that anything more than 35 is a waste, but…)

Anyway, the girl at the register looks at me like I’m a total shlemeil (I bought six bottles). Hey – I don’t peek into your basket, just ring me up already.

Hopefully, this stuff will do the trick.