I’m not sure if it’s the stress, the heat, or what, but I can’t seem to shake being so damned tired all the time.

There’s nothing like trying to pack a truck full of gear when all you want to do is take a nap – for like, the next ten years.

Aaron just thinks it’s the doctor thing.

…I just realized I forgot to mention him before, and you guys probably don’t know me from Adam…

Ok, Aaron’s my long term boyfriend – we live together and all that. It beats the hell out of having a roommate that’s just a fly by night, and we have a pretty comfortable one bedroom. (Well, it WAS comfortable before the air conditioning broke, anyway.)

I wasn’t sure how my parents would take the ‘living in sin’ dealio…so we haven’t told them, just yet. You couldn’t drag my Dad anywhere NEAR the city without kicking and screaming, so he hasn’t visited me yet. Last time Mom came down, I was living with five other girls – in an apartment laughingly called a two bedroom with a loft. The loft was actually built over one of the other bedrooms; there was a ladder up to my ‘room’ – which fit an air mattress and had three feet vertically. Yeah, I was living in a storage closet that they were calling a bedroom.

She knows I moved, just not that one teeny (ok, maybe not so teeny, he’s six feet tall) detail. We’re going to have to deal with that soon…