I grossed myself out big time last night…

I’ve been tired and cranky for weeks now – maybe not enough vitamin D?

Aaron’s been incredibly patient with the whole doctor thing – we’re now trying to figure why I’m tired all the time. He thinks it’s a vitamin D or K or something deficiency, and bought me all these supplements. (Is he a keeper or what!)

Now I feel like an addict without the high. Besides the three pills that the dermatologist gave me (and two creams), I’m eating a ton of vitamins and supplements because Aaron was such a gem and is trying to help so much.

I don’t want to take them – not because I don’t think they’ll help, I honestly don’t know – but I’m just sick of pills.

My replacement at work is working out well – probably too well, which sorta sucks. Everyone makes sympathetic noises when I call, but don’t seem to have any work for me. Ah entertainment biz, how fickle ye be.